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Serving the contract furniture market for over 23 years, ACF has built its reputation on unique furniture solutions and outstanding customer service. ACF has positioned itself as a small and agile company, quickly responding to ever-changing market demands.
With a highly-qualified and knowledgeable staff, ACF maintains a friendly atmosphere where we can quickly assess the individual needs of each customer. This level of dedication to customer satisfaction has given ACF an outstanding reputation among customers and distributors.
We believe business begins with the first customer interaction. So, ACF works to ensure a higher level of satisfaction from that first interaction to the sincere "Thank you" at the end of each sale.


  • About American Contract Furniture

    About American Contract Furniture

    In addition to customized furniture offerings ACF offers a variety of services, including phased installation and storage management, to ensure the seamless, hassle-free completion of your project. We keep our overhead costs low and pass the savings on to you. American Installations has completed many projects ranging from small 35 unit jobs to 1000+ assignments. Working on a variety of projects large and small ACF has excelled in various work environments, including renovations, new builds and completed buildings meeting even the most strenuous deadlines without sacrificing quality. Customer buildings, facilities and furnishings are always treated with the utmost care throughout installation.


  • Laminate Furniture Group

    Laminate Furniture Group

    ACF laminate furniture is both durable and cost effective. Engineered to resist stains, scratches and impacts, laminate furniture will maintain its beauty for many years. Available in a variety of beautiful options from dark mahogany to a golden oak, ACF's laminate furniture line is a perfect value proposition for your furnishing needs

  • Solid Wood Group

    Wood Furniture

    For those who love the tradition of wood, ACF offers a full line of wood furnishings. Whether it is beds, chests, wardrobes or desks the comfort of wood furniture can be yours at a surprisingly low cost from ACF. With classic lines and a natural beauty all its own, our wood line is both functional and attractive providing you with a quality, affordable wood solution to suit any design plan.

  • Mixed Medium Furniture

    Stylish, contemporary and pleasing to students, ACF's mixed media furniture brings together metal, wood and laminate to create a unique furniture line for your residential needs. Attractive black metal can be coupled with a variety of finishes to blend with your design requirements.

    Whether it's beds, chests, desks, tables or wardrobes ACF's mixed media is built to withstand the wear and tear of high use environments while remaining pleasing to the eye and your budget

  • Steel Furniture Group

    Need furniture that can withstand the toughest environments? American Contract Furniture's steel line is the product for you. Designed with steel joinery, superior drawer construction and long lasting epoxy powder coat paint, ACF's all metal line is the smart choice when it comes to heavy traffic, heavy use areas.
    Designed with clean lines and available in a variety of paint colors and optional wood trim the ACF steel line will be attractive as well as durable.

  • Lounge and Seating

    ACF offers many fabric options to meet a customer's design and budget needs. Contact an ACF representative for more information.


  • Beds and Mattresses

    Durable fabrics are washable and stain resistant. ACF mattresses fit all frames and are easily customized.